Guests Staying at Select Four Seasons Can Now Rent Designer Bags for Free

Guests Staying at Select Four Seasons Can Now Borrow Designer Handbags for Free

With choices from Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, and more, this is one hotel perk you don't want to miss.

Traveling for a wedding or a week-long vacation calls for many accessories, from beach totes and handbags to evening clutches. Finding space to fit all of these special (but often bulky) must-haves in your carry-on can be nearly impossible. But here's some good news for travelers who love a good purse: Luxury membership club Vivrelle announced a new partnership with the Four Seasons that allows guests to borrow designer handbags, jewelry, and diamonds when they stay at select properties, free of charge. This partnership made its debut earlier this month at the Four Seasons Houston and Four Seasons Private Residences Los Angeles, with plans to extend the complimentary amenity to more locations soon. Hotel guests now have access to Vivrelle’s closet of luxury accessories with brands like Chanel, Gucci, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and more, no membership required. Here's what you need to know about the exciting new partnership.

What is Vivrelle? 

Founded in 2018, Vivrelle is a members club that offers exclusive access to a shared closet of designer handbags, jewelry, and diamonds for a monthly membership fee—starting as low as $45 a month for the lowest tier, which allows for one item rental per month. Vivrelle makes luxury goods more accessible, affordable, and sustainable—goals that continue to be a priority in the world of fashion and travel. Members can select a new handbag every month and there’s no set return date—meaning if you’re loving the Dior tote bag you borrowed, it’s yours to wear all season long. If a bag you’ve borrowed becomes a staple in your wardrobe, you have the option to purchase it from Vivrelle at a members-only discounted price, too.

Another fun benefit of membership: You'll receive exclusive club perks, like discounts on brands including Calpak, Charlotte Tilbury, Sakara, Barry’s, SLS South Beach, Virgin Hotels, and more. And with this new partnership, Vivrelle members will receive discounted rates at the Four Seasons Houston, too. 

What does this partnership mean for travelers? 

When guests check in at the Four Seasons Houston, they’ll see Vivrelle’s closet in the lobby, displaying a variety of chic designer handbags and accessories. Guests can borrow anything they want while staying at the hotel—no additional fees required, and no Vivrelle membership required, either. It gets better: Guests can borrow as many closet goodies as they want during their stay—so if you’re traveling for a wedding, you can choose a new designer handbag for the rehearsal dinner, one for the big day, and another for the farewell brunch.

This access means you can avoid packing several bulky handbags and risk damage or losing any of your favorite accessories while in transit. Whether you’re traveling for a bachelorette party or a business trip, you’ll enjoy the ease and fun that comes with picking out a new bag or pair of earrings to match your look. The bags selected for each Four Seasons location are carefully curated to fit the style and vibe of the city, with a little something for everyone, whether you want a bright green Bottega Veneta pouch or a sleek black YSL clutch. In addition to handbags, guests also have access to designer jewelry like Chanel necklaces, Hermes bracelets, and Cartier rings.

How does this hotel perk work? 

I recently stayed at the Four Seasons Houston, a 2018 and 2022 Readers' Choice Award winner, and experienced this one-of-a-kind hotel perk for myself. A bold hot pink Louis Vuitton bag caught my eye—I told the concierge I wanted to borrow it and that was it! Normally when I travel, I pack the basics: a neutral-colored tote and a versatile black shoulder bag that will match anything in my carry-on. It was a real treat to wear this designer bag to dinner—especially since I didn’t need to pay its hefty price tag. When it was time to check out, I brought the bag down with me to the concierge, but for convenience, guests can also leave the borrowed bag in their hotel room. 

While staying at the Four Seasons Houston, I began to see how perfectly the iconic hotel chain aligns with Vivrelle. Between the ultra-soft bed sheets I never wanted to leave, the on-site Krigler perfumery that is home to scents worn by Audrey Hepburn and JFK, the private cocktail laboratory, and the top-tier spa, staying at the Four Seasons Houston was a luxurious experience—just as browsing Vivrelle’s closet is. It was the ultimate hotel amenity and made my stay there all the more special. Whether you’re a designer handbag fanatic or are just looking to save a little room in your suitcase, you’ll be impressed with this new complimentary service. 

And if you’re interested in expanding your travel wardrobe by becoming a Vivrelle club member, use the code HOWDY for 30 percent off your first three months of a membership.