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Lin Chen
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Your October Horoscope 2022: The Best—and Worst—Times to Travel This Month, According to Your Sign

In this column, professional astrologer Kirah Tabourn reads your monthly horoscope—and spells out how it may shape your travels.

Fall is officially here along with cooler weather, and your October horoscope 2022 likewise presents us with a relatively chill astro-weather for the first half of the month, making it a great time for socializing, travel, and busy schedules—before stakes get higher later on. 

Mercury stations direct on October 2, clearing the path for smoother travel and planning for future excursions, and the rest of the month is characterized by planets moving through the air signs—Mars in Gemini, the Sun and Venus in Libra, and Saturn in Aquarius—making this an excellent time for group trips, celebrations of love like weddings and showers, and for artistic events like concerts and exhibitions. Love is certainly in the air; and there’s a sense of ease, grace, and even elegance in your relationships, new and old, during this time.

The planet Mars is highlighted later this month as it slows down to station retrograde on October 30, but also because this month's new and full moons take place in the signs Aries and Scorpio, both ruled by Mars. Mars speaks to how we exercise our will, power, bravery, and strength, and the many forms that they can take—from offense to defense. At the Aries Full Moon on October 9, we’re invited to stand up for ourselves through dialog and conversation. Miscommunications can be easily rectified at this full moon if approached with an open heart and mind, and direct communication. The Solar Eclipse in Scorpio two weeks later on October 25 is huge in ushering in massive change around our attachments and deepest passions. It asks us what we’re willing to do or give up on to satiate our desires. 

Finally, the last week of the month contains so much celestial activity that travel could present difficulties, like fatigue, misdirection, or unexpected changes in circumstances beyond your control. This period could, however, also bring about profound and life-changing experiences while traveling. One way or another, you'll feel it. 

This month moves like a deep breath: expanding in the beginning and contracting toward the end, so try your best to move with the flow of the season we’re in. Below, your October 2022 horoscope. 

Astrologer's note: Below we refer to your signs as “rising” signs, also known as your ascendant sign. Horoscopes are more accurate when read this way—using your birth time and location, you can quickly find your rising sign online (it takes less than 30 seconds).

Lin Chen

Aries Rising

October marks a month of major shifts as your ruling planet, Mars, slows down to a stop on October 30 when it stations retrograde in the sign Gemini. This is significant because Mars represents your identity, your body, and your direction in life. Mars goes retrograde the least often of all the planets, just every two years, so these are important periods for you. When your ruling planet slows down, you slow down—be cautious of over-extending yourself in the months to come. Mars retrograde is great for rest, research, re-strategizing, and reworking plans before moving forward. The retrograde lasts until January 9, 2023, so you’ll have over two months to navigate this transit.

If you’ve been considering a long-term stay somewhere, the Mars retrograde period is an excellent time to plant yourself in one place for a month or two for remote work, or to focus on a project. You tend to prefer stimulation in your environment, so a spot like Buenos Aires or Lisbon could be the perfect home away from home for you. Although, with all of the relationship action happening for you this month, you may choose to stay put and hunker down with a special someone as the weather cools. The Sun and Venus are brightening up Libra, creating sparks in the partnership department. Lean into ease and connection, and don’t put too much stock in situations that feel too complicated and dramatic. While the love you’re giving and receiving this month can be beautiful, you’ll likely suffer from a bit of retrograde whiplash when it kicks off so make extra space for yourself to process the month in the beginning of November. 

Taurus Rising

Feeling exhausted yet? It’s been a wild year for you and there aren’t any signs of it slowing down as we head into October. We kick off the month with your ruling planet Venus entering its home sign of Libra, and activating a busy place in your chart that has to do with work and wellness. You may feel torn about where to direct your energy: on your work and never-ending to-do list or in solitude, with a focus on your mental health and internal needs. A full moon in Aries on October 9 highlights your need for alone time, rest, and contemplation. If you can plan ahead and take that weekend for yourself, you’ll be grateful you did. Getting active in nature may suit you well during this time—think a nice long solo hike or surf session—so you can process your emotions best while expending energy through your physical body.

After that, it’s back to work. Consider ways to upgrade the systems you use in your work and day-to-day life to improve functionality across the board. This can extend into your travel planning too. (Is it time to upgrade your travel bag system, maybe?) This organization will be helpful, as work is super busy this month, but luckily there's quite a bit of cosmic energy supporting you in getting things done. Then, love is on your mind as relationships take center stage later in the month. All year, your relationships and interactions with others have been major catalysts for change, but that becomes even more evident in October with a solar eclipse in Scorpio creating major waves in your life on the 25th. Simply put, you’re entering a powerful new cycle in love and partnership, and all you have to do is show up and put your heart forward to accept the changes playing out before you.

Gemini Rising

You enter October recovering from a bit of whiplash as your ruling planet, Mercury, stations direct on the 2nd. For the first week of the month, while you’ll feel more momentum to move forward in certain social or creative endeavors, you may find yourself planted in one place. It’s important to listen to your body during this time and slow down in areas of life where you feel a pause is necessary—or possible. Trust your gut, and give yourself grace as the month progresses.

Interpersonal issues have probably sprung up as of late and it’s given you time and space to think through various compromises and solutions. Additional clarity comes toward the middle of the month with a series of planetary transits: First, an Aries Full Moon on October 9 lights up your social life, making it a perfect weekend for a gathering of friends or like-minded peers. Whether it’s a convention, a concert, or a group trip out of town, it’s prime time for reviving old connections and creating new ones. The very next day on October 10, Mercury re-enters the sign of Libra and shifts your focus from grounding your energy to uplifting it. Spend the next three weeks prioritizing fun, pleasure and creativity. A mini road trip with a friend or two, or a beach weekend could be just what you need after stressing over work these last few months. In fact, work continues to be a constant for you in the months ahead, so it’s important to plan these mini-vacations and moments of reprieve when you can. In October, these times are definitely best spent with good company. Try to ride the waves of laughter and generosity you catch in mid-October into the last week of the month when the energy shifts quite dramatically. A slew of intense planetary movements including a solar eclipse and Mars stationing retrograde signal big changes ahead for your work and lifestyle. Travel during this time might end up being an inconvenience rather than an escape, which will definitely prove to be the case if you’re traveling for work. In eclipse season, from October 25 to November 8, be disciplined with your self-care routines for both your mental and physical health, and again, trust your gut. Don’t let FOMO lead to poor decision making, especially while traveling.

Cancer Rising

Life has been pulling you in a million different directions lately, but it’s been especially difficult to balance your responsibilities at home with your ever-busy career and social life. It’s a lot, and it’s okay to admit it if you’re overwhelmed. October presents moments for you to draw inward and work through some of the emotions that have been welling up lately. It’s a good time to make extra therapy appointments, or maybe an astrology reading, for talking through your feelings with a professional who can help shift your perspective and allow for deeper healing. 

An Aries Full Moon on October 9 lights up the part of your chart associated with career, vocation, visibility, and reputation. You could find yourself in the spotlight during this time, so its important that you don’t get over-exposed. Take extra care of your physical body so that you don’t burn out at work. Luckily, all signs point toward slowing down and finding time for rest and rejuvenation as the month progresses. On October 25, a Scorpio Solar Eclipse ignites clarity on some of your deepest desires, opening the door for new experiences in love, pleasure, and joy. Mars stations retrograde on October 30, beginning a two-month period where you’re actively working on your mental health. Getting out of town for a bit during this time can help reduce some of the noise and allow you to hear your inner thoughts more clearly. A cozy cabin in the mountains might be exactly what you need to help you reorient your mind, body, and soul. Try booking for mid-to late November, as travel will be smoother after the last eclipse on November 8. 

Lin Chen

Leo Rising

Your inspiration is flowing in this super social and creative month, so get ready to be busy. Venus, the planet symbolizing love, beauty, connection, and relationships, shines brightly in Libra, the part of your chart related to communication, learning, transportation, and interacting with the space around you. This is an excellent time to get out and about in the city you’re in, whether you’re traveling or at home. Museums, concerts, galleries, and exhibitions are bound to spark your creativity as well as new relationships. Single Leo rising signs should definitely be putting themselves out there in October, whereas those with partners should enjoy great dates (and double dates) for the first three weeks of October. You never know what type of magic can happen when like-minded souls connect. A full moon in Aries on October 9 draws your focus to foreign travel and your cravings for exciting new experiences. Your need for adventure is loud right now, so why not indulge? Think about booking an excursion this winter or spring that you can look forward to for the next few months: March 2023 is going to be a lovely time for you to get out of dodge and head abroad. 

Things get slightly chaotic towards the end of this month when a slew of planetary movements signal rocky waters for planning and travel, especially between October 20 to 31, and into the first two weeks of November. A solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 grounds your attention inward toward your home, family, and foundational needs (perhaps you’re beginning a new chapter when it comes to where and how you root yourself). On October 27, Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces, reducing the amount of ease and luck afforded to you in travel since May of this year. It comes back on December 20, don’t worry, but you might run into more delays, confusions, and even weird weather in your travels until then. Finally, Mars, the planet who governs foreign travel for you will retrograde October 30 until January 13, symbolizing a pause to long-distance travel for you. If you don't want to feel stuck at home, this could look like nesting somewhere for the winter, or perhaps beginning to strategize that trans-continental move you've always thought about. Give yourself time to plan over the next few months instead of trying to force adventure to happen. It’ll come in due time.

Virgo Rising

The astrology of October is meant to inspire you in actionable, practical ways to learn new skills and form new connections with those around you. There’s a busy-ness in the air this month, especially at work. Planets buzzing through the air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) activate the parts of your chart pertaining to work, career, resources, finances, and all the ways you make a living. Venus in Libra this month in particular brings a focus to your spending, as Venus governs your finances as well as foreign places and travel. Consider October an excellent month to drop some coin on vacations and holidays. And if you’re traveling this month, don’t be afraid to treat yourself. Spend money on things and experiences that satiate you: good food, good music, beautiful sites. Indulge a bit; that’s what travel budgets are for. If you’re at home, this is a perfect time to book that big flight or accommodations, or perhaps buy some new luggage. All-in-all, it makes sense to spend a bit more than usual, just be mindful not to overdo it. 

While work feels busy, you may feel like it’s been difficult to find time to focus on your own healing and emotional needs. An Aries full moon on October 8 highlights that fact and your need for support. If you’re traveling during this time, try to keep your regularly scheduled therapy appointments in place—you’ll appreciate being able to check in even when on vacation. The energy of the month shifts quite a bit in the last week when we encounter a Scorpio solar eclipse that has an effect of opening you up to new ways of perceiving the world around you, potentially through learning a new skill. Have you been thinking about learning a new language? Or, perhaps you need to learn a new technique for work. Whatever it is, give yourself time to learn and practice. Mars goes retrograde from October 30 until January 13, giving you a window of over two months of focused practice. Consider how those you’re in close relationship with can help support your learning journey; ask for what you need. 

Libra Rising

It’s your season to shine as both the Sun and Venus move through Libra, making you glow and shimmer from the inside out. There’s an excitement in the air for the first few weeks of October as planets in air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius connect with each other in supportive, affirming ways. Your creativity is flowing this month making it a great time for enhancing your appearance. Get that new haircut! Go shopping for your next trip! You’re bound to find some beautiful pieces that will flatter you in more ways than one. A full moon in Aries on October 9 spotlights your relationships, bringing you into direct contact with people you’re close with. It’s a perfect weekend to get out of town with a loved one, and celebrate one another. In general, you’re craving fun, impactful experiences this month, and your friends can be direct catalysts for the adventure you’re craving. You’re blessed with the gift of bringing people together, so work your magic by gathering the perfect group for a good time. The weekend of the 14th is a great one for a group trip or reunion. The cadence of the month begins to shift in the final week with a slew of astrological transits including a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 that begins a new cycle for you regarding your relationship with money, spending, earning, and how that impacts your identity and sense of self. Mars goes retrograde on October 30 in your ninth house of foreign travel, signaling a potential pause in long-distance journeys for the next two months as well. Consider this the time to pull back and strategize your finances so that you can experience more freedom in the new year. Is there a big trip you’re hoping to take in 2023? Now is the time to start saving.

Scorpio Rising

How are you taking care of yourself lately? October begins a season of inward focus and self-care for you that is worth paying attention to. It’s been quite a trying year and your mind and body are probably more tired than you can conceive of right now—it’s important that you heed the planetary call to slow down. Planets moving through air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius all month will also facilitate ease in working through difficult emotions and resentments that you’ve been holding onto. 

A full moon in Aries on October 9 spotlights your wellness and health routines, or lack thereof. Is it possible that you’ve been ignoring some of your needs and instead putting your focus on work, relationships, or other external matters? This full moon brings you back into your body and in direct contact with parts of yourself that may be feeling neglected. Later in the month on October 25, a solar eclipse in Scorpio represents a powerful beginning to a new cycle regarding your body, identity, autonomy, as well as your relationships with others. You’ve been shedding aspects of yourself all year, perhaps to the point where you’re not totally sure what’s left. This eclipse has the potential to bring you closer to your true self than ever before. Less than a week later on October 30, Mars, your ruling planet, begins its retrograde. Mars is responsible for you, your health and wellness, and guiding you through life. When Mars retrogrades every two years, you’re given an opportunity to slow down for two months and strategize how you’d like to move forward. While October isn’t the best month for exciting and fun travel adventures, it could be a special time for solo-travel. There’s a lot of time for quiet contemplation as well as therapeutic counseling and conversations. Finding a zen space to spend time in during this month could provide the perfect setting for the deep healing that you need.

Lin Chen

Sagittarius Rising

Relationships take center stage this month as you’re inspired to soak up the last bit of nice weather and connect with people in your life in fun and inspiring ways. The first three weeks of October are categorized by a buzzing in the air that stirs you from the inside out to form new connections. Take your friends up on offers to hang—you never know what type of magic can happen when like-minded folks meet. When was the last time you got a group of friends together to see a movie or concert? If you’re looking for a particularly fun weekend, October 7 to 9 should be a fun one for you as an Aries full moon on the 9th lights up the part of your chart relating to fun, pleasure, creativity, and entertainment. This is the perfect weekend for a fall activity such as apple picking or pumpkin carving. Whatever you do, make sure you prioritize pleasure and having a good time, eating good food, and enjoying those you’re spending time with that weekend. Later in the month, we encounter a shift in energy as eclipse season (October 25 to November 8) begins along with other notable planetary changes. A solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 opens up a new cycle for you in regards to how you manage your mental health and wellness. It’s important to check in with yourself around this time and take space when you need it. If you do run into mental turbulence, grounding your physical body in nature could help as you ride it out. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is currently retrograde and will re-enter the sign Pisces on October 27, reuniting you with the joys of your home space, or perhaps reminding you of work that’s yet to be done in making it a safe place for you. Finally, on October 30, Mars will begin its retrograde, lasting until January 13. This takes place in Gemini, which for you means this is about relationships. Over the next two months, you’ll be reworking relationship dynamics, thinking deeply about your sex life and accessibility to pleasure and fun. It’s a great time to begin conversations with your partner about tough but important topics as well, but don’t feel that you need to come to a conclusion right away. There will likely be many iterations of discussions to be had. What’s important is mustering up the courage to approach these topics.

Capricorn Rising

Are you itching to book your next vacation but holding off because of all of these retrogrades? Well, the good news is you should feel free to start booking trips again after October 2 when Mercury’s retrograde officially ends. This is especially great for foreign travel and long-distance journeys. If you’re already headed out of town in October, you’ll enjoy a smoother travel experience than during the past retrogrades. On October 9, however, you may feel a little homesick when an Aries full moon lights up the part of your chart dealing with home, family, roots, and ancestry. If you are planted in one place during this time, it may draw your attention to household needs (family yard work day, anyone?). 

Most of October is characterized by planets buzzing through the air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, drawing focus to your work, finances, and profession. If you’ve been considering switching things up in your career, October is a great time to workshop ideas, gain insights from others, and get the mental ball rolling. It’s bound to be busy with the work you’re already doing as well, so be sure you’re getting adequate rest to balance it all. On October 25, a Scorpio solar eclipse brings your attention to your friends, community, and network, sparking a brand new cycle in the groups of people you associate with. This could be great for new collaborations and creative projects with others, but no need to rush into it. The Mars retrograde that begins on October 30 signals some potential challenges in that arena over the following two months, so it's important to proceed with new connections with plenty of clear communication. Lastly, Jupiter returns to Pisces from October 27 to December 20, re-igniting a desire to connect with your locality. November and December would be fun months for you to take a road trip or another semi-local excursion, especially if it involves hot springs or a jacuzzi.

Aquarius Rising

Get excited for a busy one as October brings a mix of social, creative, and slightly chaotic energy all month. As the month begins, the Sun and Venus move through air sign Libra while Mars inches through Gemini, all three sending support to Saturn in Aquarius. This creates a pattern that facilitates ease in the flow of communication, mental connections, creativity, and inspiration. October presents excellent moments for creative breakthroughs and positive connections with others, especially in travel. If you find yourself away from home this month, find opportunities to enjoy the arts wherever you are. Art museums, galleries and exhibitions, concerts, performances, and even checking out street art will do the trick. Additionally, a softened, seasoned new perspective is exactly what you need right now after a year of continued endurance and perseverance. 

The start of the month is also a great time to book trips for the future, and March 2023 looks like a fun time to travel. An Aries full moon on October 9 draws you into your local space even more, inviting you to get more intimate with your surroundings through your body. The weekend of October 7 to 9 is great for short-distance travel of all kinds including bike trips, marathon training, long walks, and scenic drives. Invite a loved one along to soak up the last bits of nice weather. Later in the month, a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 shifts your focus to your career, reputation, and public image. While you’ve been considering ways to switch things up in this regard for a while now, this eclipse represents a point of no return, allowing you to start fresh in new professional endeavors. Of course, nothing happens overnight. Mars stations retrograde on October 30 until January 13, signaling a period of contemplation and strategy in regards to your career path. Have you ever considered a writing retreat or a painting class in a nearby city? It’s an excellent time to start learning a new creative skill that might apply to where you’re hoping to end up in the future.

Pisces Rising

It’s time to slow down and start some long-term planning for the future: October presents you with opportunities to start clearing up some mental and emotional confusion that has left you feeling stuck for a while now. Planets moving through air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius help facilitate conversations that you’ve been wanting and needing, clearing the air and putting words to your feelings. Don’t be afraid to lean on your support system during this time (you know, that friend who says you can always call but you never take up on the offer—call them), and consider investing in therapy if you haven’t already. It’s a perfect time to deepen any one-on-one relationships by allowing others to support you in times of need. You don’t always have to be the caretaker; it goes both ways. Mutual reciprocity is the goal—so if for example, a friend lends a helping hand or ear to vent to, offering to buy them dinner or taking them out to a show would be a way of creating balance. 

An Aries full moon on October 9 draws your attention to your finances. This could be a good time to put down a deposit on a big vacation or splurge on that new ski gear. Your financial independence is something you pride yourself on, and your ways of managing that will be up for review when Mars goes retrograde from October 30 through January 13. Before that though, on October 25 a Scorpio solar eclipse marks the beginning of a new relationship with travel, beliefs, and perspectives. Have you been entertaining thoughts of relocating to another country, or even learning a new language? The Mars retrograde also underscores these thoughts and gives you plenty of time to consider new ways of living based on other cultures you’ve experienced. What would it be like to uproot your life and start over somewhere new?

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