How I Packed for My Babymoon in Iceland

The lightweight boots, handy tripod, and yummy snacks I packed to explore the Golden Circle. 

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My husband and I are expecting our first baby this summer and, amidst all the excitement and the growing pile of baby items slowly taking over our living room, I knew one thing: Our travel life was about to change. Enter: the babymoon. We both wanted to get one final trip in as a couple before becoming a travel pack of three, but deciding on the destination was tough. I wanted it to feel significant, which often translates as international in our book, yet I also cringed at the thought of cramming my growing belly into a tiny airplane seat for 7+ hours. Finally, I didn’t want to feel like I was missing out on the essence of a place, which meant excluding destinations where alcohol and late nights were part of the allure. It was a well-timed email from Icelandic low-cost airline Play offering an incredible round-trip deal to Reykjavik that helped our decision fall into place. Iceland promised an international adventure a mere five hour flight from Boston, with a playground of unlimited magical landscapes to explore. If you’re looking for a getaway that truly feels otherworldly, plan a trip to Iceland ASAP—and make sure to bookmark these packing essentials to help you get there.  

The North Face ThermoBall pull-on insulated boot

I’ve raved about these boots before and the obsession is still strong. I originally bought these shoes to successfully get through New York City winters, but they also ended up being the perfect pair for Iceland frolicking. Lightweight, water-repellent, and fleece lined, these slip-on boots do it all. Plus, did I mention how unbelievably comfortable they are? I walked for unending hours in these boots and my pregnant, puffy dogs didn’t bark once. 

Gibly ski jumpsuit with removable fur collar

Talk about being warm, cozy, and comfortable all in one (plus, who doesn’t love an entire outfit that is a single piece of zip-up clothing?). Available in an assortment of colors, the jumpsuit is both waterproof and windproof. It also comes with a cute belt to cinch your waist if you want to give it a more polished look—or, if you’ve got a growing belly like me, you can ditch the belt and have a blanket-like outfit that even camouflages your bump.

Dr. Loretta Urban Antioxidant sunscreen SPF 40

With plans to explore all the sites along the southern leg of the Golden Circle, soak in the outdoor thermal baths, and hike through Þingvellir National Park, I knew I would be putting my skin through the elements. A good skincare regimen was pivotal, and that meant traveling with my trusty products from Dr. Loretta. While I swear by the brand's Tightening Eye Gel and Concentrated Firming Serum, my most important daily layer was undoubtedly its Urban Antioxidant sunscreen SPF 40, which ensured my face remained soft and protected the entire trip.

Sensyne iPhone Tripod stand with remote

It’s hard not to be constantly wowed by the dramatic landscapes in Iceland at every turn. From towering waterfalls and black sand beaches to massive glaciers and lava fields, you won’t stop wanting to take pictures of it all. I was so grateful we packed this tripod that worked seamlessly with our iPhone 14s and featured adjustable height and 360 degree rotation capabilities. With a remote control, we were able to snag a number of frame-worthy photos of my husband and I that didn’t have us troubling a stranger or resigning ourselves to the classic selfie pose. Important tip: If you’re planning on trying to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights while in Iceland, I highly recommend a tripod to help capture the magic. It’ll eliminate shaky, excited hands and will also allow you to capture incredible time lapses. 

Eden and Elie Andromeda stud earrings

The necessity of keeping warm and relying on multiple layers and puffy parkas far outweighed any desire to be fashionable during our Iceland adventure. However, that didn’t mean that I wanted to let everything go. These gorgeous stud earrings were simple—and reasonable—enough to wear during the day while still adding sparkle to my dinner outfits in the evening. Plus, being lead-free, nickel-free, and incredibly lightweight, they were a comfortable workhorse I could wear my entire trip. 

Think! high protein bar

While Iceland has many wonderful things going for it, affordable dining is not one of them. To soften the blow to our budget, we packed my favorite protein bars for quick breakfasts that allowed us to hit the ground running every day and feel less guilty about splurging on dinners. With 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, they were also the perfect snack to throw in our day bag for the mid-day grumble. If you’re looking for flavor recommendations, my favorites are Brownie Crunch, Chocolate & Creme Cupcake, and Lemon Delight.

Earth Pak waterproof dry bag

This fully waterproof dry bag was the MVP of our trip. We took it out with us every day and never once had to worry about the rain or beach water damaging our goods—and that included my iPhone which I slipped into the complimentary waterproof phone case for double peace of mind protection. And the best part? It’s so lightweight and compact, allowing you to roll down the top to fit the essentials you need for the day. 

Where I stayed: 

Hotel Rangá with incredible views of the Northern Lights behind it. 

Stefan Lierbermann/Hotel Rangá

Hotel Rangá’s prime location in south Iceland makes it the perfect hotel choice for travelers looking to step outside of the capital. Only 90 minutes outside of Reykjavik, this four-star hotel offers a rural adventure where you are guaranteed warm service, incredible amenities, and a fantastic food and drink program. You’re an easy drive to some of Iceland’s must-see attractions like the waterfalls Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss and Vík´s famous black sand beaches. Plus, its remote location leaves it free of light pollution, making it a perfect spot to view the Northern Lights. Speaking of, they even have a complimentary Northern Lights wake up service for all guests. Simply press a button on your in-room phone and the Hotel Rangá team will notify you should the lights appear, no matter the time of day.