Your December 2022 Horoscope What to Expect From Your Travels This Month According to Your Sign
Lin Chen
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Your December 2022 Horoscope: What to Expect From Your Travels This Month, According to Your Sign

In this column, professional astrologer Kirah Tabourn reads your monthly horoscope—and spells out how it may shape your travels.

We enter December winding down from a destabilizing autumn season, searching for comfort. You aren’t alone if you’re feeling unsure about where you are in life and what’s to come. The good news is that December will help us reorient ourselves with renewed faith and optimism, making way for new doors to open in the year ahead. 

December kicks off with Mercury and Venus finishing their stay in Sagittarius, where the sun will remain until the winter solstice on December 21. Sagittarius season is one to take advantage of before the winter cold truly settles in—Sagittarius teaches us about faith, enthusiasm, optimism, and the fire and zest of intellectual and philosophical thought. We’re invited to renew our spirit in the weeks before darkness takes over, holding onto the fact that we will see the light renewed once again in the spring. Soak up all of the good vibes you can this month, packing it into your spiritual knapsack to carry with you through throughout the season. Planning future travel is a great way to channel this energy. If you’re already traveling this month spend extra time appreciating the places you’re experiencing.

Throughout this time, there are a few key dates to watch out for. The first full moon of the month takes place on Wednesday, December 7, with a full moon in Gemini exactly aligned with the planet Mars. Be sure to look up at the sky that night, wherever you are—you'll likely be able to see our red neighbor Mars beside the bright moon. This full moon coincides with the mid-point of the Mars retrograde (October 30 to January 13). Mars’ retrograde in Gemini has presented many different options and pathways that you could head in. Whether it's in relation to your career, your relationships, or your travel destinations, you’ve likely been burdened with the need to choose a direction. This full moon brings an acute awareness to the decisions that need to be made, and implores you to keep digging, and researching, to come to a decision down the line. Beware that another element to this full moon is its antagonistic nature, so brace yourself for sharper, cruder communications around this time, especially while traveling and attempting to speak different languages. 

Then, as Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn, followed by the Sun, the energy shifts, becoming more grounded, practical, and focused on hard work. Capricorn is all about setting long-term goals and building structures and systems with integrity and longevity. The Capricorn new moon on December 23 invites you into a new cycle for putting in the hard work necessary to reach your goals. We end the month with a Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, beginning on December 29, and lasting until January 19: This period isn’t the best for booking travel, but it’s a great time to do research and begin planning. If you’re traveling during the retrograde (maybe for a New Year's Eve trip), be sure to give yourself extra time and space for delays and miscommunications. You can still have a blast—especially if you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Below, your December 2022 horoscope. 

Astrologer's note: Below we refer to your signs as “rising” signs, also known as your ascendant sign. Horoscopes are more accurate when read this way—using your birth time and location, you can quickly find your rising sign online (it takes less than 30 seconds).

Lin Chen

Aries Rising

While your ruling planet Mars continues its retrograde journey in December, you’re becoming more astute and perceptive, especially while traveling. If you find yourself abroad this month, you’ll likely want to spend your time out and about, exploring local towns and interacting more with folks in your immediate vicinity. Even if you stay home you’ll be a busy bee, zipping around your neighborhood and town, purchasing gifts perhaps, or just enjoying time off. You may be enticed to explore new things, like practicing new languages, or discovering parts of your home town or city that you didn’t know existed—listen to that instinct. This Mars retrograde is about showing you all of the skills you have at your disposal, and a Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, brings a focus to this. Expect to feel super activated around this lunation. The full moon also marks the midpoint of the Mars retrograde, so while you’re still in contemplation and review mode, you’re halfway to being able to move forward and take subsequent action in mid-January. 

As you ground yourself in your local environment, your mind is thinking much bigger as you contemplate where your travels will take you next year and beyond. You may be enticed to start researching places to go in 2023. Opportunities to travel abroad and immerse yourself in new cultures are prevalent for the first four months of 2023—so start thinking about where you'll go now. 

By December 10, Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn, a sign related to your work and career, kicking off a period over the next four weeks of a renewed focus on professional matters. For the last two years, you’ve put in work to build new relationships and strengthen your professional network. Now, as we approach the end of the year, you’re invited to think about what’s next on the horizon for you. You may be feeling like it’s time to step back a bit and find rest and rejuvenation in your career. Perhaps you’re ready to shift your efforts, to better help others. A lot changes for you career-wise in 2023, so take the rest of December to contemplate which shifts are naturally starting to occur. A Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23, signifies the beginning of a new cycle in your professional life: What’s next on the horizon for you? 

Taurus Rising

We enter December in a quieter space than usual, as planets finish moving through Sagittarius, a part of your chart that deals with debts and entanglements. Allow yourself to spend time contemplating what you may owe others, and what you owe yourself—not just financially, but emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. Are there certain debts that are holding you back, keeping you feeling heavy and weighed down? How might perceived debt hinder your sense of freedom? Do you feel like you owe people your knowledge or perspective on things? Bring some of energy back to yourself at the start of this month. 

On Wednesday, December 7, a full moon in Gemini brings a spotlight to your finances and material items. It is gift-giving season and this lunation would be a great one to shop under—especially on the day of the full moon, you’re likely to find some goodies. Shortly after, Mercury and Venus, your ruling planet, enter Capricorn, leading you towards new horizons. For you, Capricorn is the lens through which you perceive the world and the vastness of it. Few recognize the true beauty of this rocky ball in the heavens as much as you do, and you feel a true responsibility to take care of this planet, and of everyone who calls it home. You may have spent the last two to three years figuring out how to devote yourself to caring for others. This month, you’re being invited to continue world-building by finding faith, hope, and new ways of thinking about the world. You have been through so much this year, and yet here you are, still standing—and still capable of making an impact on the world.

Spend considerable time thinking about where you want to go next, both in life, in your career, and in the world. If you find yourself traveling this month, you’ll enjoy steeping yourself in a new culture. If you are planning travel for the future, think about the physical land and terrain you feel most drawn to, as the nature of a place is really what calls to you. A Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23, draws attention to this and invites you into a new cycle around travel, spirituality, and learning—which is shortly followed by a Mercury retrograde beginning on Thursday, December 29, ushering in a period that is hyper-focused on these topics—we’ll talk more about in January. For now, let your eyes wander a map and see what catches your eye. Wherever you find yourself this month, an astrology reading could be a great gift for yourself.

Gemini Rising

While the first week of December will have some fun and social gatherings typical of the season, the rest of the month ushers in a quieter time of year for you that extends into the new year. It’s a moment for rest, contemplation, drawing inward, and re-evaluation. We’re traveling through retrograde and the terrain is extra bumpy right now: Mars is still retrograde in Gemini, your first house of self, body, and identity, imploring you to consider letting go of elements of yourself that aren’t working for you anymore. Encountering new people while traveling, while outside of your comfort zone, could aid in receiving these reflections more clearly. When you’re clearly an outsider, your self-awareness increases, allowing you to see yourself through the eyes of others.

We reach the half-way point of the retrograde at the Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7. Take this moment to ponder the ways your identity has shifted and transformed in the last 6 weeks. What has changed? What have you shed from your identity, body, or appearance? This full moon spotlights the efforts and work you’ve put in, not just over the past six weeks but the past two years. You’re thriving, and you could be receiving attention and accolades from others at this full moon too. That being said, take it easy around this time, as you may feel over-stimulated or over-exposed—maybe that means less caffeine than usual and extra rest, especially if you’re on the road.

On Tuesday, December 6, your ruling planet Mercury moves into Capricorn where it will stay for an usually long nine weeks (Mercury typically spends three weeks in a sign). Why such a long stay in Capricorn? Well, Mercury will station retrograde on Thursday, December 29, making this travel time much longer. For you, Capricorn is a part of your chart that deals with debts and loans, financial and relational. You may often consider what you’re responsible for in relation to what you owe others, often suffering guilt for what you’re not able to provide in certain relationships. This is an area of life you’ll be wading through until February 2023, so get ready to dive deep. If you have a therapist, consider spending extra time on this topic, and if you don’t have one, consider starting that process or ask a trusted friend to talk it out with you. You do not have to carry these burdens alone, and you shouldn’t. One of your greatest lessons in life will be to build systems of mutual reciprocity—you can’t do these things all by yourself. A Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23, symbolizes a new life cycle. Travel during this time may be less about having fun and more about healing. Embrace it.

Cancer Rising

What a year it’s been. You've been working your ass off, and wow, do you deserve a break. The month starts with planets moving through your sixth house of work and health, making it clear that burnout is approaching if it hasn’t already. A Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, highlights just how badly you need a breather. Plan ahead for this, and take one. Whether you take the day or the whole week off, plan to give yourself adequate space and time to fully unwind. Yep—you’re going to need a secluded hideaway with a cozy couch or bed, your favorite streaming services, plenty of snacks, and maybe a long Facetime with a friend. If you can get out of town and find a cabin or bungalow to rent for this time, even better. Giving yourself permission to come undone is important for you to find clarity around creating balance between your work and personal life. This is especially important because the work does not stop in 2023. Are you hoping your job will become more international? Jupiter re-enters Aries on December 20, and will remain there until May 15, bringing you ample new opportunities in your career, some allowing you to travel and experience more of the world. Dream big! You’re going places.

Until then, you’re tasked with figuring out how to make enough space in your life for the new to come through. It’s obvious that you’re ready to implement some changes, but you just don’t know where to start, and that’s okay. Travel during this month can also help you have a clearer head. Above all else, you crave more freedom and adventure in your day-to-day life, so what can you do to make that a reality?

By December 9, Mercury and Venus have entered Capricorn, your seventh house of relationships, slowly bringing you out of your hiding place and into more social settings. When planets move through Capricorn, you can’t help but to be drawn toward spending time with those you love, which is perfect for the upcoming holidays. From family meals to reuniting with high school and college friends, you’re being reminded of all of the amazing relationships you’ve fostered in your life, which is a testament to your character. If you are partnered, romantically or platonically, this is an excellent time to begin brainstorming a trip with your special someone in 2023—a couples getaway is certainly in the cards for next year. The only question is: What’s on your bucket list?

Lin Chen

Leo Rising

You kick off December craving fun after a difficult season of change and uncertainty. Luckily, Sagittarius season tends to be an entertaining time of year for you. As the Sun (your ruler) moves through the sign of the archer, you aim your attention towards exploring and experimenting with pleasure and creativity. Mars’ retrograde in Gemini has ignited some activity within your community or social networks, and this will be ever truer as a full moon highlights this area of your life on Wednesday, December 7. While you could be meeting new friends, especially while traveling, you are also becoming keenly aware of the similarities and differences you hold within. Where did you come from and how does that culture and its traditions differ from where you find yourself now? What can you learn from those contrasts? While you’re well aware that differences can be celebrated, be honest with yourself about what’s comfortable (or not) for you. Be careful about becoming involved in any conflicts among friends or colleagues at this time as well. Ask yourself: Are you in a position to help in a meaningful way? If not, let others work things out themselves. Tensions will melt away after the intensity of the full moon passes, but don’t be surprised if you’re pondering the dynamics for a while, as is expected with retrogrades—sometimes the things they bring up take a long time to process. 

While you galavant with friends or enrich your connections, consider new destinations to travel to next year that will foster your creativity. Which cultures’ artwork, craftsmanship, or architecture is calling to you? Perhaps there are even art programs or retreats abroad that could help further your craft. Jupiter will re-enter Aries on Tuesday, December 20, and will remain there until May 15, lighting up your ninth house of foreign travel, bringing opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture. Start planning now.

On December 21, the Sun enters Capricorn, the mark of the winter solstice, and the season officially begins. This is a noticeable shift for you, someone ruled by the Sun, bringing you into a colder, more work-oriented mood for the following 30 days. You may find yourself suddenly in heavy planning and strategy mode, thinking about all you have to accomplish during this quieter season. Expect to be hunkered down until you come back into the light in Aries season, beginning March 20, 2023. This is the time to work hard so that you can play hard come springtime.

Virgo Rising

You enter December still relatively home-bound, but that won’t last too long. Sagittarius season tends to bring you back to your roots—whether you’re visiting family or your ancestral lands, there’s a particular type of healing that can come from returning and re-rooting in home, whatever that means for you. Early on in December, however, your focus shifts to creation, play, and joy as Mercury, your ruling planet, enters Capricorn on Tuesday, December 6, followed by Venus on December 9. What’s special about Mercury’s entry into Capricorn is that it will remain in the sign for nearly three times longer than it usually does (nine weeks versus three weeks) because it will station retrograde in the sign on December 29. For you, this means an extended amount of time focused on your creativity, joy, pleasure, and entertainment. What turns you on? What makes you laugh uncontrollably? What sparks your creativity? These are questions you’ll be pondering for the next two months as you and Mercury slow down and spend time exploring. 

A Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23, kicks off a new cycle for creativity, pleasure, and entertainment. For those of you looking to give birth to something new, whether it’s a human or a project, this new moon marks a fresh new beginning. Just don’t forget about the Mercury retrograde kicking off on the 29th. While it may not be time to move forward full steam ahead, it’s definitely a moment to put extra focus on creation and pleasure. What is percolating inside of you that will be ready to be born in the new year?

This is an important time not just for the ever-evolving development of your identity, but also for your professional self as well—for you, both are intertwined. How you see yourself tends to be how others see you too, so rediscovering your love for life benefits you and everyone around you. Mars’ current retrograde in Gemini also pulls focus to your public identity as you rethink how you’d like to be seen professionally. What roles do you want to let go of and which new ones do you want to take on? A full moon on Wednesday, December 7, coincides with the midpoint of the Mars retrograde, bringing a spotlight to your technical skills. Perhaps you’ve been learning something new over the past few months, and you’re given an opportunity to share what you’ve been learning. This is an excellent time to learn a new language or skill that will bring you closer to a particular culture as well, so try having fun with it. 

Libra Rising

You enter December as busy as ever, booked up with social commitments and lots of work. Try to pace yourself, but don’t feel bad if you can’t do it all. You’re just one, very popular person. It’s hard to catch your breath until Venus, your ruling planet, enters Capricorn on Friday, December 9, significantly slowing your pace and grounding your energy. Capricorn is your fourth house of home and family, and its earthy, stable environment is just what you need to cool down and rejuvenate after a fun but exhausting Sagittarius season. You’ll feel some relief in settling down through the end of the year. Maybe you’re traveling to see family or just getting out of dodge for a winter vacation, but either way, do your best not to over-commit yourself with excursions and activities. This is your time to rest. Get comfortable and sink into feelings of being grounded, held, stabilized, and safe, wherever you are. During this time you might find yourself drawn to connect with nature, which could look like visiting a park or conservatory to spend time outdoors.

There is a dichotomy this month in where your energy is focused: On one hand, you’re all about being grounded where you are, but on the other, you can’t stop thinking about the trips you have planned, or want to plan, in 2023. This makes sense, as Mars has been retrograde in your ninth house of foreign travel for over a month now, and a Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, brings a spotlight to this part of your life, while also marking the midpoint of the Mars retrograde. This could bring some clarity around where you want to go next, but more importantly, it will entice you to start saving and planning for your future travels. If anything, having a realistic view of your finances will determine what types of trips are out of your budget—and as a Libra rising who may have trouble making decisions, figuring out what you don’t want, or can’t have, can be a huge relief. If you find yourself traveling during this time, consider what you’ve learned on your journeys in 2022. Travel can be an education in and of itself, so from that perspective, what was your major this year? What would your thesis be? What would you like to learn from your travels in 2023? (These have the makings of great journal prompts if you're bored on your next flight…)

A Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23, reignites your focus on your foundation, roots, and upbringing. From this point until the retrograde ends on January 19, you may want to hold off on booking travel—but it’s an excellent time to plan. Review your options over the following three weeks, research different lodging options and excursions, and wait until late January to pull the trigger on any purchases. While you wait in anticipation for the new year, try embracing the great indoors. What types of journeys can you go on in your own home? Perhaps you’ll feel called to explore your roots, like asking for an ancestry test as a holiday gift. If you have family members who know more about your history, use this time to ask questions—you never know what rich stories they’ll have to share. 

Scorpio Rising

Your relationship to your finances, spending, saving and investing has transformed quite a bit throughout the last two years, and you may be ready to make a big purchase this month. It’s been a hell of a year, and you’re likely craving a good time, so why not start by planning a fun summer excursion? Think about what really brings you joy and what type of experiences are most pleasurable for you. Music, art, dancing, and even sex have a spiritual element for you. Check out which of your favorite artists are touring next year—maybe you want to travel for a concert or festival, like Envision in Costa Rica or Primavera Sound in Barcelona. While the Sun, Mercury, and Venus make their way through Sagittarius in December, you may feel inclined to drop some cash on a fun future adventure. Give yourself something to look forward to.

On the flip side of being able to spend is your ability to save and manage your funds, and potentially those of others. Mars’ retrograde in Gemini over the past month has made you keenly aware of where you might need to rebalance your input and output, both financially and in relationships. This could be a period of time where you’re needing to raise money or support from others, or you could find yourself in the position of supporting someone in your life. A spotlight on your role in this dynamic comes with the Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, which coincides with the midpoint of the Mars retrograde. Revelations regarding the power dynamics you're involved in are bound to come around this time. The following five weeks will involve honing in on new strategies for better use of your time and energy.

By Friday, December 9, both Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn, followed by the sun at the solstice on December 21, marking the beginning of a busy period of local travel and engagements. ‘Tis the gift-giving season, so expect to find yourself spending time in local shops and markets picking up presents for loved ones, and maybe for yourself too. If you’re traveling over this period, be sure to spend time out and about exploring, and doing some research on the land you’re staying on. Then, a new moon in Capricorn on Friday, December 23, gives you a fresh boost of inspiration to learn a new skill, perhaps a language or natural study like herbalism or botany. Mercury’s subsequent retrograde in Capricorn beginning on Thursday, December 29, pulls you even deeper into practice, so take your time with it. You’ll wrap up the year with hope and optimism for the next—there’s plenty to look forward to in 2023.

Lin Chen

Sagittarius Rising 

You enter December in the midst of reevaluating your relationships and the dynamics you often find yourself in, while also digging into where those patterns came from. With your ruling planet Jupiter in your fourth house of home, family, heritage, and roots for the first three weeks of December, coupled with Mars’ retrograde in your seventh house of relationships and partnerships, you may find clarity that you have outgrown certain beliefs you were raised with—and the people you are in relationships with are reflecting these revelations back to you. Perceived conflict at this time, whether it’s happening internally or externally, could be seen as you being confronted with aspects of yourself that you’re rejecting in some way. Perhaps you realize that you’re subconsciously rejecting parts of yourself that were never given a space to be fully integrated, or maybe there are elements that you’re finally ready to let go of and move on from. Give it some thought. The Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, aligns with the midpoint of the Mars retrograde, bringing both a heightened awareness to this conflict and, with it, an ability to move forward with greater insight. 

By December 9, Mercury and Venus leave Sagittarius for Capricorn, a part of your chart that deals with your finances, spending, and material items. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself dropping some coin for future trips—especially once Capricorn season officially begins on December 21, you’ll likely want to invest in a fun experience for yourself. In fact, joy, pleasure, and entertainment become a huge focus for you as Jupiter, your ruling planet, moves back into Aries from December 20, until May 16, 2023. December is a great time to start planning a trip that you can look forward to for the spring or summer. If you already have a destination in mind, start planning out logistics like lodging, excursions, or even think about buying new luggage. Prioritize experiences and destinations that are bound to light you up from the inside out, which for you, could involve a bit of danger or risk. (Ready to plan that skydiving trip?)

We end the year with a Mercury retrograde that begins on December 29, following a Capricorn new moon on December 23, bringing extra focus to your finances. If you find yourself traveling during this time, keep a closer eye on your wallet—be mindful not to spend on things you’ll later regret. Save your receipts and review return policies while you’re making purchases in late December and into the new year. It’s also a great time to donate clothing or electronics that you no longer have use for. 

Capricorn Rising

December starts off fairly quiet for you, as Sagittarius season is a time of drawing inward and finding space to tend to yourself and your mental health. Solitude is likely calling your name in the first week of December. If you find an opportunity to get out of town for a few days, you’ll likely find it to be deeply rewarding and rejuvenating. 

Saturn, your ruling planet, continues to pick up speed in December, finishing up its three-year transit through Aquarius over the following months, which has primarily been about investing in yourself, transforming your relationship to money, and creating long-term stability in your finances. It’s been a long, difficult three years but you’ve come far. This month you’ll have a moment to catch your breath and reflect on how much progress you’ve made. The stability you’ve created for yourself will pay off in the new year, when you’ll be able to find more movement in your day-to-day life, and once again when Saturn enters Pisces in early March 2023. Start thinking about where you’d like to go and what you’d like to see in your city or region—you’ll be ready for more exploration come springtime.

When you aren’t getting out and about this month, you’re likely focused on work. Mars’ retrograde in Gemini, your sixth house of work and wellness, has made you reevaluate your job in the day-to-day and the lifestyle you currently have. What type of work are you really meant to be doing at this point in your life? What type of lifestyle will help you create the work-life balance that you crave? A Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, highlights these questions and brings attention to the ways in which your friends, colleagues, and living environment might be contributing to any stress or tension in the workplace. 

By December 9, Mercury and Venus have entered Capricorn bringing some energy and charisma back to you. Venus in Capricorn reminds you of your beauty and charm, enticing you to get out and be seen and appreciated. If you’re traveling at this time, take yourself for a nice meal you can dress up for. You’ve been through so many ups and downs over the last five years, you deserve some attention and praise. Then, Capricorn new moon on Friday, December 23, presents a fresh new start for your relationship to yourself, your identity, and your body, before Mercury stations retrograde on December 29, tripling its usual three-week stay in Capricorn and underscoring the work that needs to be done around choosing a new path for your career. There’s no rush though, as we’re in Retrograde Land until late January—your job is to consider your options and, in the meantime, try to have some fun.

Aquarius Rising

As we move into the final month of the year, you’re invited to reflect on how far you’ve come over the past 12 months but also over the past three years as Saturn slowly made its way through Aquarius, strengthening you from the inside out in ways you never thought possible. While it’s been a difficult journey, a constant source of joy in this process has been your community. December in particular puts a focus on your networks of support. These are people who have your back and are there to cheer you on through tough times. You just have to accept the help when it’s presented to you. As you continue your transformation, you’re likely conceiving something new to give birth to in the year ahead.

Mars’ retrograde in Gemini reaches its halfway point at the Gemini full moon on Wednesday, December 7, bringing a sharp focus to your creative capacities. What new ideas have been formulating? Perhaps you’re considering picking up new professional skills or you’re using the techniques you’re already proficient in to create something new, but you don’t know exactly what it is yet. That’s okay. You aren’t meant to have all the answers right now, but make sure to explore, stay curious, and test out your options. Part of this exploration could involve getting out close to home. Creative inspiration might be more available to you than you realize. Again, you don’t have to know what you’re seeking, but be open to what finds you. 

As planets shift into Capricorn throughout the month, you’ll likely begin to draw inward and seek solitude. Mercury and Venus are both in Capricorn by December 9, and the sun follows on December 21 at the winter solstice. While this aligns with a few holidays, you may feel drawn to get away for a solo retreat. If you can find time to get away and into the woods or mountains, you won’t regret it. Higher altitudes can create the symbolic distance you crave for mental and spiritual clarity—though the window is short, as Mercury’s retrograde in Capricorn beginning on December 29 may bring more confusion. When that time comes, your job is to embrace the unknown, find faith, and trust that the universe is working in your favor. 

Pisces Rising

So much has been happening behind the scenes for you this year that you may be feeling a bit lost and confused about where you should be right now and where you want to go. First off: you’re exactly where you need to be. Your job right now is to soak up the hope, faith, and confidence that Jupiter in Pisces is blessing you with. It remains there until December 20 when it finally enters Aries, not to return to Pisces for another 12 years. The expansion you received from Jupiter might not be obvious to you right now, but consider that how you feel about yourself, your body, and how you take up space has changed over the last two years. You’re different in subtle but significant ways, and you will take that new confidence into your travels, profession, and life at large. 

The past month has had a major focus on your career and your public self. You may be continuously questioning the types of roles you’d like to take on professionally, the industry you’d like to work in, and even what type of work is best suited for you. These questions aren’t necessarily answered in any concrete way this month, but the point is that you’re asking the right questions and spending time considering ways to live a more fulfilling and enriching life. In contrast to your career quandaries, the heat is turning up in your home life as Mars continues to retrograde in Gemini. Whether you’re encountering never-ending repairs at home, the need to clean and clear out junk, strife within the family, or having to move houses altogether, there’s an element of instability and conflict preventing you from feeling as safe and settled as you’d like right now. This comes to a head with the Gemini full moon on December 7, which also marks a halfway point for the Mars retrograde. The changes you need to make are more obvious at this time, and big spending is likely involved. Money going towards your home needs might be pulling away from your travel fund, but it isn’t permanent. Unless you’ve decided to become nomadic (which could very well be the case), you deserve a cozy nest, and prioritizing that now is the right move. 

Find solace and support in your friends and community throughout this month. As planets move into Capricorn, you’re reminded of the people in your corner who want nothing more than for you to succeed. Something that could help you get through this time is planning a friend's trip for next year. While you reunite with folks this holiday season, begin brainstorming destination ideas that you and your best friends will all enjoy. With Mars retrograde making your finances tight, and Mercury retrograde around the corner beginning on December 29, it isn’t the best time to start booking, but it’s an excellent time to review and research your options. Springtime is best for something like a multi-state road trip, but Scorpio season next year (October 23 to November 21) will be a great time for more serious foreign travel, like backpacking in Southeast Asia or hiking in Patagonia. Give yourself something to look forward to as you close out 2023, and get ready for a brand new year.  

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