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A Look Inside the New TWA Hotel

Eero Saarinen's landmark terminal at JFK Airport is being restored to its 1962 glory, and when complete, will include new bars and restaurants, an observation deck, and a hotel.

Released on 09/29/2017


[upbeat jazz music]

So you'll notice here,

we have introduced a Solari board;

the famous Split Flap boards that Saarinen

sourced back to the TWA flight Center.

Right there is Kennedy Airport.

You can see the little control tower there.

Our objective here was to recreate Saarinen's Sunken Lounge.

We brought back all of David Klein's iconic travel posters.

[upbeat jazz music]

We are under construction right now.

We have 18 months to go.

Putting together the artifacts of what happened in 1962,

fixing up the building to exactly how it was.

It's the largest hotel lobby in the world,

with eight restaurants, six bars,

a museum and observation deck,

10000 square foot fitness facility.

So, there's really gonna be a tremendous amount

of things to do,

places to explore in this terrific building.

Shot and edited by Phil Falino. Interview by Barbara Peterson.